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Cwikwin:- Cwikwin (Quick Win) is a unique Mobile App for Contests. Participate in many contests from your favourite brands and win amazing prizes. Winners are selected through an Electronic Randomizer and contest prizes are shipped to winner locations. Each correct answer also wins you loyalty points that you can redeem for free gifts like Mobile […]

24s Fun Trivia

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24s Fun Trivia:- 24s Fun Trivia is a trivia game whereby all games shall be completed in 24 seconds. ➤ 3 Game Modes per Level (Trivia – Memory – Guess) .. so you don’t get bored of the same! ➤ 4 Levels per Level Set ➤ 8+ Level Sets to take on ➤ 32+ Levels […]

candiDate – Free Dating App

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Free Dating App – candiDate is a free dating service that helps members connect with local singles based on shared politics, values and beliefs. Use the nonpartisan candiDate app to find, connect, chat and date other like-minded, conscientious, thoughtful and real people. Look, if you want a quick hookup, use another app. If you’re looking […]

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