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Todoer : To-Do & Task List

Todoer : To-Do & Task List:-

Todoer is a simple and handy tool to keep track of your task and to-do. It allows you to store your task and to-do in the device as well as using it’s robust and super fast Cloud Sync you can sync your task and to-do across multiple devices, get notified for task and to-do and never forget to complete your work on time. The app uses the unique algorithm to keep track of your task and to-do to Pending, Complete, and Due category.

You can complete the task and to-do directly from the notification menu or snooze the reminder and app will remind you again of that task and to-do in next 10 minutes.


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It’s unique, beautiful and user-friendly design will work seamlessly with your day-to-day task and to-do.

Key features :
1. Create, Manage and schedule your Task and To-Dos from the app.
2. Get notified for task and to-dos in the notification panel.
3. Set date and time in reminder so you will never forget your important task and to-do.
4. Create a group for task and to-do and add a task in a group to manage it effectively.
5. Access today’s task and a to-do list as soon as you open the app.
6. Check the day-to-day, month-to-month task and to-do
7. Keep track of your older task and to-do in history
8. check your pending, completed and due task and to-do in a new graphic way or check it with widely used and user-friendly graph mode.
9. Save your To-Do and task over cloud using super fast Cloud Sync, and never miss any task and to-do.

Todoer is free to use, it will store all your data locally and give you the power to manage all the task and to-do on hand effectively, you can also use super fast Cloud Sync to sync your day-to-day Task and To-Do to the cloud and it will be available across all your device which has the same user.


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