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Kids University learning game

Kids University learning game:-

Kids University learning game – Preschool(Learning) games for kids. This educational games(Alphabet & Numbers) will keep your kindergarten kids happy with entertainment. Alphabet(ABC) & Numbers(1,2,3) games for kids will learn the correct alphabet and numbers with sound effect.

ABC kids learning games & 123 kids games for 3,4,5 years old preschoolers.

Kids University Learning Game; it is not only unique, exciting game for a toddler but it is also an addictive, educational, funny and challenging game that helps your child to improve the knowledge of the alphabet, numbers, insects, and animals.

The interactive learning is a very helpful mode of education as toddlers enter kindergarten as kinaesthetic learners (Age 2-5 years). This preschool game is specially designed by the child psychology experts and developed by the expert game developers.


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This kid’s game is loaded with the colours, interesting sounds, and challenges that help preschoolers to play this game more and more.

Games are designed to enhance following skills
★ Alphabets(A to Z with sound)
★ Numbers(0-9 with sound)
★ Insects
★ Animals
★ Helps to develop skills for early learning while keeping kids busy and engaged.
★ Core activities for foundation stage of primary school
★ Hand-eye coordination
★ Concentration
★ Visual perception
★ Symmetry
★ Develops cognitive abilities and improves education.

There are mainly four levels in this game:

Level-1: Grassy Alphabet i.e. ABC to XYZ
Level-2: Green fresh grassy Numbers i.e. 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
Level-3: Eye tracking attracting insects
Level-4: Funny animals
Game features:

1.Colourful games to teach kids learning basics
2.Frequent repetition to help children learn
3.Easy to use. Kids friendly interface
4.No Additional In App purchase
5. Totally Free to play

We love baby
– We want to make the game what give the best for baby
– We will make the best educational games for baby

This educational game is the best way to PREPARE your kids for SUCCESS in PRESCHOOL and KINDERGARTEN COURSE!

How to Play

Alphabet/Number : Tap on same alphabet/Number to catch them in basket.
Insect/Animal: Tap on Same Insect and animal to match them.

★ Swipe on screen to catch them in correct basket
★ Single tap to change position
★ Double tap to speed up.


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